Minipony - Imago (LP) (WHITE)

Minipony - Imago (LP) (WHITE)

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Origin: ITALY
Released: 2017
Catalog number: SSR054

Minipony is the name of an Ecuadorian duo, Amadeus Galiano on guitar and Emilia Moncayo on vocals and sampling, which strangely takes the moves 6 years ago in Bologna. After some stylistic changes - they started as a thrash metal project - and a self-produced EP released their first full length, Imago , released for Subsound Records.

Ten tracks, excluding an intro and an intermezzo with an audio excerpt, "The Meeting", which intertwine riffons and djent tempos, sick and industrial atmospheres created by the massive use of drum machines and samples and a female voice capable of interpreting a good range of registers, from the most intimate and sick to the growl. It therefore happens that they invariably remember the Meshuggah for the great work on the times and the massive and square riffs, while the voice, when not screaming, manages to marry very well with the paranoid and obsessive, chilling scenes of the industrial, a little Aquefrigide , a little Marilyn Manson of the golden days. Each song has its own peculiarities and its own character facets and betrays from time to time some influences ( Slipknot , SYL , Static X , Fear Factory , Jack Off Jill , plus the bands already mentioned). A constant of the Imago tracks is to be almost systematically cut to three quarters by a sort of long break beyond which the Miniponies usually reshuffle the cards, rewinding riff avalanches. Two prominent featuring: OvO in the titletrack and Otto Von Schirach in the final "Minipony Meat". Instead of "MilkWithSilk" a video clip was shot.

Minipony is a project that moves on experimental paths, riding multiple genres, and that has managed to find its own formula by investing a lot in the composition and accuracy of details. Imago is its creature, daughter of different musical cultures, a protean and mysterious monstrum that, if it is not yet a point of arrival, remains a pleasant debut album.