Truckfighters - Live in London (Splatter) (IMPORT) (LP Box Set) Cover Art

Truckfighters - Live in London Boxset (LP) (2LP) (CD) (SPLATTER)

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Origin: Sweden
Released: 2016
Catalog number: FUZZLPCD026-2016
It's finally here 15 years since the band formed back in 2001 and with nearly 1000 gigs performed Truckfighters out's out their first live album. Live in London was recorded at Islington Academy, in Nov 2014. The album manages to capture the raw amazing energy of the bands unique live show. The songs are indeed 'alive' with many variations from the studio versions of the songs - jammy improvisational musicianship at it's best. Do you wish you could go see a crazy live gig whenever you wanted? Now you can! (almost). Truckfighters are probably the best live band in the world and this is probably the best live album in the world. A must for the fan as well as the collector!

Press play and get ready for a hell of a fuzzy sound!