Nixon Now - The Now Sound (LP)

Nixon Now - The Now Sound (LP)

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Released: 2018
Catalog number: EH176

Sweat drips from the ceiling of the helplessly overcrowded club, and the smell of beer and grass is in the air. The band plays the last encore and the store goes completely through ...

This is roughly what the first notes of THE NOW SOUND, the third album by NIXON NOW from Hamburg, sound like.

The last studio album is already 13 years back. During this time, a lot of pressure has built up which is now fired in the form of unfussy love declarations at the '69 Detroit Rock Sound.

That's just right and right now needed!

Recorded and mixed THE NOW SOUND without much frills on a long weekend in Hamburg. This kind of music has to be captured spontaneously and raw, and that's exactly what NIXON NOW did perfectly.

The result is a great dirty sound monster that radiates both retro charm and zeitgeist. THE NOW SOUND!