Fucking Wrath, The - Terra Fire (Color) (LP) Cover Art

Fucking Wrath, The - Terra Fire (LP) (COLOR)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2010
Catalog number: TPE-123
Not only does California's The Fucking Wrath have one of the best names going, but as Terra Fire proves yet again, they've got the cajones to own it outright. Dirty, borderline sloppy and knee-jerk, an air of Turbonegro's ominous bleakness smashes around with the same acerbic grunt Lords and Zeke can't medicate themselves off of, sludgy, howling doom-blues only Melvins would dare make contact with, touches of Death Breath's resounding, revolving rhythms and even aspects of Black Sabbath's loose jams. While that seems like enough to make one hell of a bitch's brew on these handful of tunes, the group then opt to toss in some rudimentary Slayer/Metallica riffs from their salad days, ensuring Terra Fire is just brilliant. Heavy, dark and fast, it's as if Blue Cheer dropped the free love hippie shit, grabbed a few High On Fire albums and learned the value of a tastily lumbering riff.