Warlocks, The - The Mirror Explodes (LP) Cover Art

Warlocks, The - The Mirror Explodes (LP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2009
Catalog number: TPE-097
Although the Warlocks' characteristic wall of sound assault is still apparent, it's used in a very different way. The Mirror Explodes contains eight introverted and meditative tracks. Bobby Hecksher has a genuine talent for articulating the sounds of paranoia and derangement using various techniques. Unlike earlier albums, where he explored these concepts through themes such as hedonism and all its compelling darkness, in this release Hecksher seems to be taking the listener on a trip into the most unstable region of all - the subconscious. The Mirror Explodes is a heart-breaking piece of work. There's so much beautifully sonic sadness in each song. The restraint in each one, as if something is being held back, only helps to heighten the sensory effect it has on the listener.

The joy of the Warlocks' music is found in the details - the layer upon layer of fuzz and drone, the carefully chosen delivery of Hecksher's vocals, the pivotal role the bass is given - how at times it literally holds everything together. Every couple of months I go through complete Warlocks immersion. I think it's because they really don't quite sound like anyone else. Every album is so completely different, while still holding onto intangible elements which tie them all together. Dark, melodious and aurally confrontational, the band seem to subscribe to the belief that Noise is Power. The Mirror Explodes is a thoroughly beautiful record, and another fascinating journey with the band along the redefining lines of psychedelia.