Boulder - Reaped in Half Act 1 and Act 2 (LP) Cover Art

Boulder - Reaped in Half Act 1 and Act 2 (LP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2002
Catalog number: TP-040 LP
I got this bad boy in the mail and couldn't get it crammed in the CD player near fast enough. Act I: The opener "Krank it Up" Gloriously glides in with backwards tape effects right into one of Jamie's blood thinning screams...YEAH! Right off the bat I am in a good mood and it's obvious I am going to like this record. It's 2 guitar rock Judas Priest stylish...there is a little worship going on there, but that's not important because Boulder tears their own in their own style, make no mistake. Great ripping dual lead in this one...who would have guessed?

The new album, an unexplained concept record, finds a more tuneful Boulder making dishonest attempts at singing instead of screaming and melody instead of total fucking mayhem. Boulder is a heavy metal band with a punk attitude. They are four suburban ragers who truly do not care about anything except being the greatest band of all time. Boulder is like all of the old classic heavy bands that you already love but better. Boulder really is louder. Boulder really is faster. Boulder really does rock and David Lee Roth really is king.