Trucker Diablo - The Devil Rhythm (CD)

Trucker Diablo - The Devil Rhythm (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2011
Catalog number: RIPCD009

Northern Ireland's hottest import unleashes one of the most devastatingly heavy records with big time hooks that will have the meanest and grittiest headbanger singing along! The Devil Rhythm is a 40+ minute high-octane blaze across the highways and byways of the globe and features a guest appearance by Ricky Warwick from Thin Lizzy.

"Overall, The Devil Rhythm is an exceptional effort, well-written and well-produced. This album will undoubtedly satisfy both new-generation hard-rock fans and old-school rockers alike."
- Road Rayge Metal Mag

"In 25 words or less: “This band needs to be heard, so listen, share, talk, tell everyone about Trucker Diablo…”
- May the Rock Be with You