Terrorist Collective, The - Wonderful Disasters (CD)

Terrorist Collective, The - Wonderful Disasters (CD)

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How to catalog the music that TTC rehearses? Noises and screams willing to alter your mood? Pro-terror sounds or sound panic? Or music from the underworld. Whatever it is, his new production "Wonderful Disasters" brings together nine firecrackers directly to the nervous system, where the wild voices of heart attack at the start of "Cheto-Slovakia" really sound creepy and feel the basis of the work, as well as its delusions Atmospheric features guitars.

Israel (Guitar, vocals, effects, noises, toys, flute, samples, rattle and goat's horns), Ele (Bass, vocals, melodic guitar, effects and noises) and Arturo (Drums) are the three accomplices that under the name of The Terrorist Collective collude to create two hellish atmospheres, where violence and chaos prevail, although not everything is infernal, since the trio exhibits in several episodes of it, especially in instrumental themes, suggestive doses of “math rock”, “Prog” and psychedelia.

The somber atmospheres of "Madman" are terrifying, even more the demonic screams rehearsed, conceiving a cryptic atmosphere for this piece that seems designed for a macabre film. Subsequently some playful keyboards give a more lunatic touch to the subject. In "Cult of Cut" again the wild voices appear to float on an amalgam of guitars and percussions that at times practice improvisations. In the instrumental "Geopolitical Chaos", its distortions, punctures, arrangements and improvisations of guitars, as well as deafening drummers are ready to split the mother, in a confusing setting. Then a melodic guitar line, but with "haunted" and hypnotic features, supported by walls of "feedbacks" will mutate into "shoegaze" environments in the delirious piece that names the album. In the midst of all this, the monologues of the invited Fatima, whose lyrics were spontaneously composed by herself, travel. The rock garage of "Phoenicopterus" continues, the abrasive "Cretin Child" whose portentous percussions, effects of "delay" and raging voices from the aftermath, shake us from one side to the other, to finally surrender to guitars of drunk.

For the final section, some exalted cymbals and the rumbling sound of the gong, they startle us in the atmospheric "Tornado", where shouts appear from the underworld and an intoxicating atmosphere that goes off like an uncontrolled steamroller directed by gloomy strings; unintelligible audios precede rough riffs, in the portentous "Demonic Possession", where tin rattles, pass along the cut and over the end demonic screams emerge, in the middle of a corrosive march.

In sum, Wonderful Disasters is a work that is exciting, whose peak moments are sustained in its dense combinations of screams, noises and drums flow vertiginously. The Terrorist Collective is well off on its new day because of the damage.

- Tesoros Mundanos