Sweat Lodge - Talismana (CD)

Sweat Lodge - Talismana (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2015
Catalog number: RIPCD034

This is the one you've been hearing about. Fresh off their triumphant performance on Carson Daily Show, Sweat Lodge unleash a malestrom of doomed out, retro-70's stoner rock that is blowing people away. Think Orchid and Kadavar mixed with Austin psych and you'll just be scraping the surface.

The Austin, TX outfit have made good on their promise with a record that delivers more than you could possibly ever ask from it. Pillaging and plundering some of the most explosive eras of hard rock, heavy psychedelia and proto-metal with a conviction and execution rarely found this side of the millennium, in short, Sweat Lodge’s potential is one that knows no bounds.

"Badass heavy psych outta Austin. Originally a bass-drum-vocal three-piece, Sweat Lodge added a guitarist and signed to Ripple for their forthcoming full-length debut, Talismana. It promises stoned Southern grooves in the vein of Fu Manchu and SST-era Saint Vitus, with hints of Mountain’s heavy blues and the barroom howl of ZZ Top. The frontman has a powerful, clean voice and an impressive command of melody. Although relatively unknown outside of their home scene, like Elder, Sweat Lodge have the potential to break out in 2015 and just got a major bump in exposure from an appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly last night."
-Has it Leaked "A new favourite of ours is Sweat Lodge. They come from Texas (possibly a sweaty lodge in Texas), Talismana is their debut and it’s one of the most more-ish examples of hard psychedelia we’ve heard in ages. Where certain acts of this ilk get lost in the haze, Sweat Lodge carve it into catchy, proto-metal shapes; with plenty of bluesy rock hooks. One to get on vinyl, if you can, or just play on the best sound system possible. Such a cool, commanding record deserves some audio love."
- Classic Rock Magazine