Domkraft - Flood (CD)

Domkraft - Flood (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Catalog number: BFR001

Magnetic Eye Records artist DOMKRAFT, the Swedish trio whose hypnotic, cataclysmic doom has equal footing in the urgent wail of Neurosis and the astral grooves of Spacemen 3 and Hawkwind, unveil their sophomore album, FLOOD.

If debut album The End of Electricity (Magnetic Eye Records, 2016) was the soundtrack to the impending apocalypse, then follow-up Flood provides the musical backdrop to Armageddon in full, The Purge-style swing.

Wielding a mindbending soundscape of obeliskian riff-majesty, DOMKRAFT discharge layer upon layer of crushing fury, weaving through the wormhole punctures of spacetime in defiance of beginnings and endings.

Majestic, annihilating, reductive and roaring, Flood merges blackwater tributaries from Neurois, YOB, Monolord, and Windhand into an all-encompassing torrent of nothingness and resignation... but in the grooviest, most appealing way imaginable.

Flood is a strong contender to dominate a style some are calling the New Wave of Swedish Doom Metal, and no fan of blistering, melodic doom on earth should be without this record.