Lamp of the Universe - The Cosmic Union (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Lamp of the Universe - The Cosmic Union (CD)

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Origin: New Zealand
Released: 2001
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Lamp Of The Universe is a solo project from Datura bassist and vocalist Craig Williamson. What a surprise! For those of you who don't know them, Datura are a heavy stoner rock band, while Lamp Of The Universe is a gorgeously lulling cosmic trip into a paisley colored psychedelic land of celestial ragas from Williamson's guitars, sitar, synths, and tablas. We're talking track titles like "Lotus of a Thousand Petals" and "Tantra Asana". Believe me, these describe the music on The Cosmic Union perfectly.

HIGHLY recommended to fans of deep space flower power psychedelia.

Probably the best album I've heard in recent times is Lamp Of The Universe's The Cosmic Union. Unlike many others who go for heavy one chord jamming, Craig Williamson has chosen a different path. The music is lush and light, with sitars, occasional fuzz, tablas and organ, but the music has an emotional weight which makes it rich and textured. There's always something more to The Cosmic Union, always another door to open. The music is free, not unlike S.T. Mikael's best moments. It's loving and simply brilliant music!