Slacks - Terrestrial (CD)

Slacks - Terrestrial (CD)

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Catalog number:TL12

The Slacks have a lot say a lot in under twenty-seven minutes, and much of it is said without a mouth being opened. In Terrestrial, it is the guitar that speaks.

The guitar tells stories that are earthy and sometimes gritty, proving Terrestrial to be an apt title for an album that isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty with the basics. Each song is a miniature, fully-contained trip within the context of the over-arching work. The first song, “Shoot ‘em up,” is perhaps the most sublime. In less than three minutes, it eases you in, builds you up and sets you on your way. Track two, “Marrs,” is a close second - a song that is born to be a road trip theme song classic. In its entirety, the album is reminiscent of a soundtrack to a classic, Kerouac-esque adventure.

If I had my way, vocals would be even more of a rarity for the album. While the singing is effective and unobtrusive in “On the Kennebee,” the other song that utilizes singing carries a campy and somewhat goofy storytelling taint. In Terrestrial, the story is best left told by the guitar. - Silent Uproar