Rito Verdugo - Cosmos (CD)

Rito Verdugo - Cosmos (CD)

  • $16.99

Origin: PERU
Released: 2018
Catalog number: NR027

For fans of: Red Sun Atacama, The Heavy Minds, Demonauta, Kayros, Savanah, The Heavy Eyes

New band from Perú, formed by Rodrigo Chávez Garcés (guitars and vocals), Carlos Del Castillo (bass), Alvaro Gonzales (guitars) and Luis Rodríguez Chávez (drums). They play fuzzy Stoner Rock that doesn’t sound like the tons of Kyuss’ clones circulating in the scene thanks to the incorporation of Heavy Psych and Garage Rock elements. The trio released their debut a few weeks ago, showing a bright future for the Latin American underground scene. Cosmos is an excellent choice if you’re looking to raise the temperature of your Stoner party.

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