Re-Stoned, The - Stories Of The Astral Lizard (CASS)

Re-Stoned, The - Stories Of The Astral Lizard (CASS)

  • $10.99

Origin: RUSSIA
Released: 2018
Catalog number: QIA2003

It is believed that almost everybody, and especially those who tend to practice magic, have an astral ally. It can be any entity that helps in travel through the astral, which helps to make the right decision or gives new abilities (in exchange for something). In The Re-Stoned's case, this is certainly a lizard that will help you with the journey through their new album. Press clips: "A wonderful conclusion of an album that counts for me as a highlight of 2018..." Rockblog blues spot.

"It allows The Re-Stoned to yet again create a record that’s equal parts mesmerizing and delectable in its entirety from front to back, up and down, and from side to side..." Head Banger Reviews.

"The whole album feeds together gorgeously and is a new level of achievement when it comes to atmosphere for The Re-Stoned, who were already underappreciated and find themselves only more so now..." The Obelisk