Pyraweed - Green Jinn Robust Edition (CD)

  • $22.99

Released: 2019
Catalog number: RBF022CD

[Robustfellow Edition] ingredients:
• Limited to 100 handnumbered copies
• DL card. Add MP3/FLAC/WAV for your bandcamp collection and lifetime streaming
• Laminated band logo sticker
• Üzərlik grass to fight Jinn

Pyraweed from Azerbaijan have been prolific and consistent, delivering 6 damn solid studio albums as well as a live album since forming in 2015. Across their latest release ‘Green Jinn’ you’ll hear elements of Sleep, Melvins, and Om amongst the heavy bass and drum rhythms. The lineup and setup of Pyraweed has changed pretty much on every album, with multi-instrumentalist Nijat Hasanzadeh being the mainstay throughout. Green Jinn is their first outing stripped back to heavy bass and drums (and some samples), and it feels slower, lower and all round heavier than anything they’ve done to this point. Brilliant album which made me listen back to their previous albums and buy the entire discography without hesitation. Stoner doom gold right here folks. ~Clint (Hand of Doom Radio)