Let It Breathe - Let It Breathe Die Hard Edition (PURPLE/GREEN PINWHEEL) (LP) (7 INCH)

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Origin: USA
Catalog number: STB

Die Hard Edition - 75 Units

Foil stamped jacket heavy weight euro cardboard sleeve with glossy cover.

Purple and green pinwheel effect vinyl variant. comes with an exclusive flexie 7" including two tracks not included in the album.

Here comes a brand new player in the STB records roster, LET IT BREATHE is now signed by a label after a self released EP back in 2014 called "River Wizard". They play i"Stoner Doom"and they are from Mankato, Blue Earth County, Minnesota, USA. I've been already hypnotized by STB's powerful ancient magical charms a few years ago .Let's say i love kind of everything that comes out from this label, including bands as CURSE THE SON, GOYA, ANCIENTS WARLOCKS, and HORNSS. If you're a Doom related music fan, go for it. STB is a sign of excellence in the genre. Well enough said, lets kick it.

The first rack starts it up with heavy bass, and we're surrounded by low frequencies and the vocals are quite good…high pitch clean vocals and nice harmonies. The riffs are basic but catchy, and we get caught in the spider's web early. I really like it. The vocals are more Rock oriented than metal, and that’s a good thing here. The drums are quite doing the job no fancy shit here, it’s functional and effective in its simplicity, like we love to say talking about "Doom." There are fewer notes, but each one has a great meaning and power. Nice Introduction. I didn't heard the EP yet but its a matter of time! "Fat Lip" is reminiscent of some BLACK SABBATH. Again, the vocals makes a big difference. The solos are transporting me somewhere between mountains and burning skies. Bass and drums are recorded in the foreground, guitars right behind and the vocals are kind of hazy shades of spirits trying to communicate. Did I say I love it? I really dig it!

"Greater than I" reminds me of 90's rock, while being psychedelic and stoner oriented. It’s easy listening but in a good way. The ending of the song makes us feel like being in their jam space sharing some fun. "Mauler" makes me headbanging a lo , the crazy guitar entwined with bass is overwhelming, once again the vocals so well the loudness and fat sounding strings and the contrast is fantastic . There is more lead guitar in this one. It’s the first song they released as a preview of the release, and an excellent choice. Slow, deep and hard mister Peter Steele would say again if he were not floating in the shades of eternal black number one space black hole. The more i listen to this album , the more it is winning points.

"Blood Relations » has a great bassline to warm this one up. It sound like some ELECTRIC WZARD, minus the satanic rites and the serial killers, more in a psych rock, approach, and more space rock than evil. Catchy as hell, they know how to make variations in tempo and ascension. The singing in the last minutes of the song is very like Layne Staley's ALICE IN CHAINS, probably they are fans or is it just pure coincidence? I think the first option is the right answer, but who knows for sure. Now we embark on a journey to Psychdoomrock Town."Coramoor" is led by an amazingly strong bassline and riffin'. This song is perfect. A few variations and not that much singing here. When the vocals are out of the dark, it’s to put magnificence power and high energy to the song. This one is really powerful. If Mister Lee Dorrian listened to this song now he'd be biting his nails to blood for not having them on his "Rise Above Records" label! Wow what a great song.

The final song, "Wanderer," reminds me of WINDHAND a lot. I just love the way the bass was recorded, and playing this myself, I’m more than happy when the recording lets it sound well and clearly. The chorus is haunting. Now we have a nice treat, a great solo start, that should have last more long. Transcending song. LET IT BREATHE is a very consistent piece of meat for the stoner/Doom hungry. They're not reinventing the genre , but they create great atmosphere, moving chorus and riffs to let us slide to others realms and leaving ground, with both feet floating, eyes closed, and headbanging slowly, without caring where we will land down. Absolutely a great album ! - Metal Temple For Fans of: SUN VOYAGER, MANTRA MACHINE, WINDHAND