Jars - JRS II / Forgery (CD)

Jars - JRS II / Forgery (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2019
Catalog number: FPR080

JARS is an Russian three piece noisepunk/rock band. Their music is wild and frenzy, filled with anger. Their new EP “ПОДЛОГ” is five tracks long and was released August 29 on Pogo Records.

Their previous album “ДЖРС II / JRS II” is out on American label Forbidden Place Records. They have combines their new EP and their 2018 music in one album to be released on Forbidden Place Records.

This band makes some really catchy tunes and they find a very good balance between the heavy, noisy stuff and the catchy tunes wich makes their music really fast, hard an loud but easy to listen to.

A band you really need to know.

I asked my girlfriend (who hates noiserock and psych) to review this band, this is what she says: ‘You should do more meaningfull stuff like doing the dishes then listening to men shouting’. - www.Fuzzy-Sun.com