Glitter Wizard - Hunting Gatherers (CASS)

Glitter Wizard - Hunting Gatherers (CASS)

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Catalog number:UTGR12

Something new is going down, brother. It's happening in the public soul, the collective consciousness. Right now it's infiltrating the scenesters and the heads with its sights set on creeping through the church doors and screened porches of America and beyond. Make no mistake, it's coming for you. That thing, well, it's an exciting new group.

That group is GLITTER WIZARD

See them live and this dynamite rock act from Northern California may just blow your mind to smithereens. Listening to their latest album, Hunting Gatherers, is like taking a nap in a burning house: by the time you wake up choking on smoke it's too late, flames are licking the walls - burning your old rock posters, your vision is clouded, you stumble in the thick haze, but there is no exit, you've been engulfed by Glitter Wizard.

Hunting Gatherers will take apart and reassemble your mind. You will be rebirthed in a belch of lavender dragon smoke. You will be bathed in the echoing laugh of indecipherable ancients. The sound will reach off of the LP and wrap around your neck and drag you through the murky plummets past the buzzing silt and through the aperture of the great cosmic drain. The music is half sage, half oaf, and all heavy. The GLITTER: the sparks that spit from fret boards by blitzkrieg fingers, the snapping crackle of a ripping synthesizer, the jaguar slash of vocals, the lens flare cast off of a glinting junk bulge. Legend has it that they sleep in midair rock jumps. Glamorous makeup is the spleefy war paint of these shimmering subgods. A diamond in a pile of rock and roll gravel; the human eye cannot help but be drawn to the showmanship that is the glitter of this band. The WIZARD: the hard work and dedication of these psychedelic seers. You can hear every mile of quest traveled by wizard wagon, every sweat dripping club and backyard barfed house party they've ever slayed, every rotting heavy metal cassette worn out on tour. The invaluable wisdom garnered from road adventures and craft discipline have been devoured and categorized in the archaic knowledge of the boys' commitment to the lost art of astral shredding. Through superglue tightness, kaleidoscopic showmanship, & Tasmanian devil energy these channelers explode egos and tap into the collective headspace, flooding it with channeled power of some unknown time and dimension. Hunting Gatherers is like the grain of burl wood: swirling, pulsing, throbbing, endless, natural, unholy, captivating. It will collect you up in spandex arms, and soar through galaxies of colorful dervish gasses, through acid planets of usurpers and witch kings, through high desert biker brawls beside campfires displaying hallucinatory visions jigging through the orange flicker, through bongwater seas to the heart of the subconscious where in mirage form they will boogie in the gloam of your reptilian brain. Open up your spell pouch, pull forth this wad of uncut riffage and let Glitter Wizard chop a line on the mirror of your mind. - Dan Shaw