Bright Curse - Time Of The Healer (CD)

Bright Curse - Time Of The Healer (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2019
Catalog number: RIPCD104

Formed in London in 2012 out of the expatriated ashes of French psychedelic rock band Soul Manifest, heavy psych trio Bright Curse is a band that requires no introduction for anyone that has kept a close ear to the underground in recent years.

Their debut album Before the Shore (2016) not only showcased the band’s remarkable song writing talents, it proved itself a hard rock sleeper hit you simply couldn’t ignore. Well known for riffing epic spectrums of dark/light through extended jams and out-and-out doom, the band established themselves on the road, hitting festival stages at Hellfest, DesertFest Berlin and Keep it Low, and touring across Europe with fellow Londoner doom merchants, Elephant Tree.

With the dissolution of their former label, HeviSike Records, the band has teamed up with chief purveyors of riff-driven heaviness Ripple Music to release new album, Time of the Healer.

Of the upcoming album, frontman/guitarist Romain Daut says, “It’s a come-back to a doomier version of Bright Curse, more like the first EP. The songs are a bit longer and more developed, each relates a story, and all of them work together to create some kind of tale. I didn’t want to just have another heavy album, so we added some exotic instruments and I think it serves the story really well.”