Naam - Vow (CD) Cover Art

Naam - Vow (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2013
Catalog number: TPE-156
Naam are far more rooted in psychedelic rock, inspired by Hawkwind and Pink Floyd and bearing similarities to The Black Angels, Young Hunter, and Astra. There is some complexity to Vow, but for the most part Naam focus on atmosphere rather than nonstandard song forms and time signature fuckery. However, there is a harder, darker edge to their music that is not present in the typical neopsych band, a good deal of which can be credited to Bundy’s Chancellor-esque bassing. It is the synth work of Johnny ‘Fingers’ Weingarten that ties the two together. Besides having a kickass nickname, Fingers is fantastic at constructing atmosphere, staking his claim to a dominant place on the album with the instrumental introduction ‘A Call’ and continuing to add a spacey feel to the album all the way through to the outro track ‘Adagio’.

Naam are well on their way to becoming standouts in the neopsych scene and fans of the style are sure to be all over this album. Not many bands are able to capture the contrast between the earthy and the spacey sides of psychedelic rock in one place, and Naam’s ability to do so separates them from many of their brethren. Vow is at times warm and inviting, at others cold, haunting, and dark, and at all times beautifully arranged and composed, and missing this album would be a mistake.