Cathedral - The Last Spire (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Cathedral - The Last Spire (IMPORT) (CD)

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Origin: UK
Released: 2013
Catalog number: RISECD150
Cathedral have never been afraid to flirt with different genres through the years and while “The Guessing Game” left many bemused with its multi-layered dark obscurity, curve balls on “The Last Spire” are kept to a minimum as Messrs Dorrian, Jennings, Dixon and Carlson extol the virtues of unadulterated doom.

From the outset, the air of despondency is palpable. The caws of a solitary crow overlay a tolling death knell with Lee Dorrian’s strangled wail of “Bring out your dead” echoing amidst a wall of feedback. What follows is a cacophonous collection of monolithic misery. Gaz Jennings has delved deep into his riff-ridden heart and summoned some of his grittiest sludge-steeped constructions to date. The addition of Rosalie Cunningham’s vocal helps create a Hammer Horror feel while a hammond embellished acoustic mid-section alters the focus before a crescendoing finale. Scott Carlson from Replusion has fit seamlessly into the line-up and his low end rumbling on “Tower of Silence” could curdle blood. Not to be outdone by his band mates, the decrepit “Infestation of Grey Death” spotlights some of Brian Dixon’s finest bludgeoning.

Times have changed since the days of “Witchfinder General" and “Ride”. Throughout “The Last Spire” it feels that Cathedral have come full circle. Nestled somewhere between "The Ethereal Mirror" and "The Forest Of Equilibrium" with shades everything thereafter, this final offering is a fittingly mournful completion to their legacy.