Vinum Sabbatum - Songs from the Convent (Color) (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art

Vinum Sabbatum - Songs from the Convent (Color) (IMPORT) (LP)

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Origin: Germany
Released: 2012
Catalog number: EYE021
Limited edition of only 350 copies on orange vinyl. Includes a poster. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Just as any occult doom rock band which respects itself, Vinum Sabbatum pay their standard homage to the bands that first shaped doom rock, namely Black Sabbath and Pentagram. However, the Finnish retro rockers sound different with respect to their contemporaries and they achieve that with the realization of two key choices. The first is related with the band’s arsenal of inspiration which goes beyond the usual influences of the genre. Bands such as Deep Purple, Uriah Heep or The Doors, i.e. bands in which keyboards maintain a leading role, have a pronounced impact on Vinum Sabbatum’s music. Except from their default role in complementing the rhythm section, Hammond keyboards used herein, serve as a rhythm guitar in the company or at the expense of the actual one (“Witch Woman”).

The second choice has to do with the vocals. In contrast to the genre’s universal sensation, i.e. the voluptuous female vocals of bands such as The Devil’s Blood, Vinum Sabbatum vocalist is male and in fact he is a superb one at it. Janne Salo’s crooning invocations to the occult, have a unique pitch and grant a substantial credit to the overall value of the band. With respect to the music as a whole, the transitions between doom rock, ‘70s hippie groove and classic rock are second to none, as not one song loses one bit of momentum in terms of flow. The rhythm section, aided by the crisp sound production, is essential and Laconic in its expression. The same apply for the rhythm guitars, which do not stray far from the band’s basic influences. Finally, Köykkä proves to be excellent in his classic rock soloing, as his leads are dense and in par with the mood transitions in each song. forging a unique style.