Blue Aside - Moles of a Dying Race (CD) Cover Art

Blue Aside - Moles of a Dying Race (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2012
Catalog number: HPR-257
If you've been following the new generation of bands skillfully incorporating psychedelic elements into their metal then be sure to add Blue Aside to that list, somewhere near the top if possible. What sets them apart from the other bands doing this really well is the rich blend of other genres to which they add classic psychedelic sounds and moods. You'll find stoner metal, post metal, lots of classic rock, spacey prog galore, dirty sludge, and even some moments of upbeat sludge a la Torche. All blended seamlessly and hazily.

Despite upbeat tempos and some real heavy moments, it's strangely relaxing. The groove will pulse through you as you approach a more introspective place of listening. This is probably because of the constant musical changes employed by the band; atmosphere is allowed to grow and transform while the band explores it from every angle, even a few unexpected ones. The psychedelic prog shines beautifully in the melodic parts of this album, yet during the heavier, sludgier parts the listener is allowed to aurally surf the melody through the harsher music, never losing it completely as it swirls around the tunes. Blue Aside has compared parts of their music to bands like Yob, Boris, Dead Meadow, and Pink Floyd; you'll hear all of these but most importantly you'll hear the band's own sound and won't be able to get enough.