Viaje a 800 - Conac Oxigenado (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Viaje a 800 - Conac Oxigenado (IMPORT) (CD)

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Origin: Spain
Released: 2012
Catalog number: AR-039CD
Coñac Oxigenado is widely varied and doesn’t really belong to any single genre, but Viaje a 800 consistently maintain elements of space and heavy rock throughout, even as they veer into atmospheric interludes on Coñac Oxigenado‘s five extended tracks, which become as much about the mood they create as about the riffs or the complex, highly-stylized rhythms.

If the album is anything, though, it’s meticulous. You can hear it when the organ subtly joins in behind the acoustic/percussion interplay of 10-minute centerpiece cut “Eternal Soledad,” or when opener “Oculi Omnium in te Sperant Domine” gives way to an interlude of flamenco-style hand claps. Viaje a 800 leave room for jams, but nothing on Coñac Oxigenado is happening by accident.