Comus - Out of the Coma (Color) (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art

Comus - Out of the Coma (Color) (IMPORT) (LP)

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Origin: UK
Released: 2012
Catalog number: RISELP144
Out of the Coma features three brand new songs through which courses the unmistakable, Stygian DNA of First Utterance, plus the only known recording of the band playing their legendary 'Malgaard Suite', live at a college gig in 1972.

The Malgaard Suite' was planned as the follow-up album to First Utterance, but it was rejected by the band's then record label. This recording, made on a mono cassette-player, languished forgotten for some thirty years before being re-discovered and given to the band. Is an aural artifact, a grainy, partly-occluded lens through which we can glimpse, squint-eyed, the past, raising tantalising questions as to what Comus might have become, had their ambition to record it not been thwarted.