Fatso Jetson - Toasted (LP) Cover Art

Fatso Jetson - Toasted (LP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2012
Catalog number: CSDLP 1166
Limited edition on black vinyl.

Strange and wonderful is the best way to describe the much-overlooked Southern California sort-of-stoner trio Fatso Jetson. Its third full-length record, Toasted -- originally recorded and released in 1998, and reissued in 2001 -- is an unusual amalgam of Melvins/Mudhoney grunge, slabby desert rock riffs (à la its dearly departed buddies Kyuss), Monster Magnet space rock, Clutch grooves, and Black Sabbath dirges, but with enough quirk and flair to keep the proceedings under a subtly humorous thumb without delving into joke-band territory. This album shimmers in and out of focus, a product of desert-heat delirium combined with working-class grit. A blissed-out oasis of beer, hash, and meatball subs amidst all the sand, Toasted sports a weighty, earth-bound mix thanks to highly credible producer Chris Goss (Masters of Reality).