Witchsorrow - God Curse Us (Silver) (IMPORT) (2LP) Cover Art

Witchsorrow - God Curse Us (Silver) (IMPORT) (2LP)

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Origin: UK
Released: 2012
Catalog number: RISELP147
Limited edition of only 300 copies on silver colored vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

God Curse Us is an album that brings the dark spirit of '70s Sabbath forward to 2012. Capturing the dark essence of classic doom: heavy, mournful riffs; oppressive atmosphere, bleak, sinister vocals and full-power metal freakouts, there's no mistaking it for anything else. God Curse Us certainly does that over its hour of pure heaviness, taking in an Electric Funeral-esque vision of the apocalypse (God Curse Us), morbid, crawling grimness (Masters Of Nothing), dark fascination (Ab Antiquo/Megiddo) and pure Heavy Metal thunder (Breaking The Lore). For fans of the lighter side of metal, this is not.