Various Artists - Four Burials (4-Way Split) (2LP) Cover Art

Various Artists - Four Burials (4-Way Split) (2LP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2012
Catalog number: PR34
Limited edition of only 500 copies on 180gr. vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Four Burials is a four-way split release between Mournful Congregation, Orthodox, Loss and Otesanek.

Otesanek delivers "Seven Are They", a slow sludge and drone doom dirge with loads of feedback, howled screams and growls and everything else putrid and vile.

Loss offers "(To Pass Away) Death March Towards My Ruin.

Orthodox's "Heritage" opens slow but steady, gradually evolving from minimal guitar strumming and odd spoken word to, well, it basically stays like that for the full run. A nice interlude among the crushing heaviness of the other three bands.

Mournful Congregation presents "Left Unspoken". It contains all the typical Mournful Congregation elements: slow, dirge-like guitar leads with their typical bends and slides, deep growled vocals and an overall utterly minimalistic approach.

Four Burials is a worthwhile and interesting release. For the experienced and seasoned collectors it contains new work from not-so-prolific bands. For the (Funeral) Doom newbie it is a possibility to check out some of the scene's underground upper middle class acts. And not to mention, it gives a good idea of the range of the Doom scene, although it is hardly the full view.