Mastodon - The Hunter (Black) (LP) Cover Art

Mastodon - The Hunter (Black) (LP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2011
Catalog number: RRCAR7675-1
It is difficult to choose one Mastodon LP that The Hunter most reflects. When you look at tracks like "Stargasm", the Title Track and "Bedazzled Fingernails" you recognize the spacey timbre that was present on Crack The Skye, and Sci-Fi horror elements that would have fit in nicely with the downright weird story line that was explored on Crack The Skye. Tracks like "Black Tongue", which are finally given a context, seem like more of a throwback to the doom-style riffage of Crystal Skull, rather than a risky delving into Trivium-style two-part guitar harmonies over chugging power chords; a formula that has been well flogged over the years and is as boring now as it sounds.

Furthermore, Thickening, the immediate standout track, takes elements of the rollicking, nautical guitar rhythms that were so well executed on Leviathan, and runs with them just long enough to surprise listeners when they then launch into a "Last Baron" style tempo change. Finally, as seen in tracks like "Curl Of The Burl", "Spectrelight", and "All The Heavy Lifting", The Hunter features the most songs written in Drop A since Remission in its entirety. That's enough to make anyone happy.

The Hunter is a brilliant throwback to the things we love most about Mastodon, while still being highly effective in keeping the band's fanbase on its toes in terms of what to expect next. The Hunter is sensible enough to retain some of the elements we've seen in the Georgia quartet before - something which bands are almost never praised for.