Orange Goblin - Coup de Grace (Re-issue) (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Orange Goblin - Coup de Grace (Re-issue) (IMPORT) (CD)

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Origin: UK
Released: 2010
Catalog number: RISECD079
Produced by Scott Reeder (Unida, ex-Kyuss) and featuring John Garcia (Unida, ex-Kyuss, ex-Slo Burn) doing vocals for 2 tracks!

They're back, Stinkin' O' Gin, more punked up, and dirtier than ever! Their fourth release sees a more confident, stripped down beast. This is a band fuelled up and ready to burn!. "COUP DE GRACE" is a celebration of all things close to the heart of the band, who unashamedly wear their influences on their sleeves. In the Nu Metal era ORANGE GOBLIN are standing up and shouting out loud for the voice of true British heavy rock to be heard - no rapping' hip hop beats and pretend riffs here - this is pure unadulterated, straightforward Rock 'N Roll the way it should be.