Dead Meadow - Three Kings (with Bonus DVD) (2CD) Cover Art

Dead Meadow - Three Kings (with Bonus DVD) (2CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2010
Catalog number: XM 1018
Since their first album in 2000, DC’s Dead Meadow haven’t so much evolved as honed. From the beginning, they’ve mined the past for heavy psychedelic influences, and while their early albums have a distinct grittiness as compared to their more recent releases, it’s hard to say whether it’s due to aesthetic choices or simply iffy recording conditions. Their style has remained resolutely backward-facing, drawing from a long thread of psych rockers — one can hear everything from Deep Purple and Iron Butterfly to current brethren like Bardo Pond and Nebula.

Like many of the best of that lineage, Dead Meadow are stronger in concert than on album. Presented as a DVD and soundtrack set, the film mixes fantasy sequences with live footage. The band added a handful of new studio tracks to the live material, and thankfully the latter recordings are extremely well-done, with the energy of the live setting coming through loud and clear. When the band reaches a peak and the audience can be heard cheering, it feels just right.