Naam - Self Titled (CD) Cover Art

Naam - Self Titled (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2009
Catalog number: TPE-111
In Thai, the word “naam” is sometimes used in reference to water. Perfect if you’re this Naam from Brooklyn which frequently operates courtesy of aquatic trances as precursor to their boisterous outpourings of doom and sludge. Naam’s self-titled debut is a bit of a mind-rape. Yet their daring alter-reality accenting their built-up sonic scapes is what keeps them interesting. Undoubtedly Naam is one album best appreciated after a few listens. Though it engages strongly on the first spin, the further depths of conveyances these guys expel through their wondrously strange music unravel with return visits. Consider Naam a potential sleeper hit of the sludge market; they’re inventive and they have enough of a dark and vibrating space oddity about them to befuddle ground control, salud.