Birds of Avalon - Uncanny Valley (LP) Cover Art

Birds of Avalon - Uncanny Valley (LP)

  • $17.99

Origin: USA
Released: 2009
Catalog number: Volcom Ent #04892
180gr. vinyl. Includes a free digital download card.

Relative to its predecessor, Uncanny Valley is, first and foremost, a psychedelic rock record. Uncanny Valley doesn't veer entirely clear of the sorts of songs and hooks that earned Birds of Avalon a, well, flock in the first place. But it does suspend them in a rarified, hypercolor air that has more to do with dub music and jam bands—albeit, happily, those of the German '70s variety—than Deep Purple. The band misdirects often, shifting through rhythms and tones, working more for atmosphere than anthems. Audacious instrumental interludes, intros and outros blend those environments, creating an album in the most classic sense. That is, this isn't a collection of moments tied together. It's a singular space lined by landmarks.