Wyrd - Huldrafolk (CD) Cover Art

Wyrd - Huldrafolk (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2008
Catalog number: KR-04
Includes a bonus track.

This is the second full-length album from Wyrd, a Finnish band playing folky black metal. The backing guitar on this album is somewhat obscure and distant, though the lead parts come in loud and clear. Drumming is very simple and mid-paced, for the most part. This album has a lot of background synth, of the floating, Burzum variety. The vocals are snarled, and are quite understandable. Nature samples are frequent, but never annoying. This is easily the best of Wyrd's albums, in terms of songwriting. Each song has a memorable theme, around which the band builds a number of variations. The mood of the album is stately and epic, with a few more aggressive moments.