Battlefields - Thresholds of Imbalance (CD) Cover Art

Battlefields - Thresholds of Imbalance (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2009
Catalog number: TL33-2
Thresholds... is a sprawling, epic affair that delivers plenty of beautiful, lilting atmospheric moments. But a lot of Battlefields’ sound remains rooted in bleak, sludgy doom metal and the combined effect of the two sonic extremes is genuinely thrilling, not to mention refreshing. The new Isis aside, if Thresholds of Imbalance isn’t one of the year’s finest post-millennial doom offerings then I must have missed something very big indeed.

Battlefields keep it organic and make music that’s not about destination but about getting places. For them, it is the road that matters. Battlefields work their atmospheres through time. Slowly developing a post rocking sound that had it come out about nine years ago it would have blown minds, this fledging band adopts a seemingly simplistic stance. Battlefields surprise for their simple aesthetics and their unorthodox addition of infrequent black metal vocals. The end product has depth and the band successfully borrows as much from Slint as from Isis. Name dropping aside, Battlefields puts the ball in the listener’s court. You gotta let this stuff wrap you over. These tunes will slowly take you prisoner, like a fly in a spider web.