Dark Castle - Spirited Migration (CD) Cover Art

Dark Castle - Spirited Migration (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2009
Catalog number: AAL030
Dark Castle’s debut, Spirited Migration, guitarist/vocalist Stevie and drummer/vocalist Rob, who also handles synth, achieve an entirely developed atmosphere that borders on prog ambiance while maintaining a stripped-down aesthetic that confidently snarls in the direction of Oceanic-era Isis and younger, rawer Crowbar. Modern doom heads will find satisfaction to anyone who’s gotten off on Rwake, Deadbird, Zoroaster or Godflesh records. Not bad for two people, and certainly a promising beginning for this Floridian duo. It feels like the kind of album that no matter what they do from here will be sought after in the coming years.

Slow sludgy doom metal that fans of acts like Yob, Zoroaster, Soilent Green or Crowbar could appreciate.