Whisper Room - Birch White (CD) Cover Art

Whisper Room - Birch White (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2009
Catalog number: EV-08
Birch White seems to be an impenetrable wall. The concept it presents is not explored critically. The sound it pervades is not meant to be digested technically. It's a wall in terms of "user" penetrability and in terms of sound. It's big, indeed, with a full-blown sound that can only clutter your life. Demystification is not a solution, bedazzlement is. However, it's not really as heavy as Nadja and not really as droney as his solo work. Somewhere between the two, it falls, with its crusts of singular origin. Will there be a second batch of output where this came from? Probably not and that's why you have to take care of it, returning to it when no other options are available, feeding it your soul.

It's superb. Good low midtempo beats with melodic flowing soundscapes and guitar. Minimal effective bass. Some of this album reminds me of some of Laswell's work in a way. Good relaxing chillout album. Kinda sexy. Whisper Room is so awesome it's not funny.