Orn - Teeth/Knowing (CD EP) Cover Art

Orn - Teeth / Knowing (CD) (EP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2009
Catalog number: EV-06
Toronto ain’t exactly known as a hotbed of quality doom acts, aside from Nadja, which seems to be thriving more in Europe at the moment. That said, our own Orn should be able to fill that void very well from here on in. As a remastered demo EP acting as a proper first release, Teeth/Knowing is a short but altogether dirty and scathing performance that’s as bleak as it is intense. Influenced by acts like Graves at Sea and Ocean, Orn’s songs hypnotically chug away as they unravel slowly and completely, while vocalist Adam Cooper’s gut-wrenching howls add to the unrelenting hostility of it all.