Isis - Wavering Radiant (CD) Cover Art

Isis - Wavering Radiant (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2009
Catalog number: IPC-113CD
Guitarist/vocalist Aaron Turner, guitarist Michael Gallagher, and guitarist/keyboardist Bryant Clifford Meyer weave beautiful tapestries with dizzy space rock melodies. Bassist Jeff Caxide and drummer Aaron Harris establish the beach on which the guitars flood and recede. To push the metaphor a step further, the sand equally shaped by the waves, slowly eroding and taking new unanticipated forms. Isis is still ethereal. The new album is darker than previous endeavors. Wavering Radiant succeeds in pairing the brutality and economy of Celestial with the dreamscapes of In the Absence of Truth.

I'm a fan of their rhythm section and they continue to shine on this one. I like bass players who can work in effects as an element of the sound. A more focused listen is going to be needed as there seems to be quite a few layers going on in most of the songs. The brutality of their early music might be gone but the musicianship really shines now.

I disagree with saying Wavering Radiant is a lot darker than previous albums, to my ears there are definitely less minor key arrangements than previous stuff. Using a different producer has invigorated their sound and they're both heavier, more forceful and clearer than before. The rhythm section really come into their own here as well, the bass work cranked up a couple of steps. Turner's clean vocals are also a lot more confident and clearer instead of being buried in the mix. Wavering Radiant could easily creep up to being my favourite album of 2009.