Millions - Gather Scatter (CD) Cover Art

Millions - Gather Scatter (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2009
Catalog number: SRULE016
Say whatever you want about the fact that Millions features Seventh Rule Recordings co-founder Scott Flaster. Gather Scatter is worth your attention because if Flaster wasn’t playing guitar and singing in this band, I wouldn’t at all be surprised to hear them on his label anyway. Semi-tech spastic smartypants noisy hardcore with some sunburned, driving Southern riff work and the occasional Black Flag about to have a nervous breakdown groove? Yeah, that’s such a departure from what Seventh Rule did when they put out those Akimbo and Sweet Cobra records.

Chicago band Millions has come out with an uproarious debut in Gather Scatter, an album that is hard to pinpoint into one genre. At some points, it’s an edgier version of Queens Of The Stone Age; at others, it’s the vile spawn of Black Flag and Iron Maiden. Their sound is tight and compact, with guitar harmonies, heavy distortion, and a biting glimpse into our bleak present-day civilization.

Gather Scatter is an unbelievably impressive full-length debut for this Chicago foursome. It's one part melody, one part punk energy, and one part inventive rock, all wrapped up with enough off-time rhythms and coarse emotion to ensure the listener's engagement. It goes well with Akimbo and a lot of the current Louisville scene (Young Widows, Lords, Brain Banger, etc.).