Los Natas - Nuevo Orden dela Libertad (CD) Cover Art

Los Natas - Nuevo Orden dela Libertad (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2009
Catalog number: SS-092
Their creativity is unbridled on this newest album, but it’s also tempered with a maturity presenting itself in tighter songcraft. El Nuevo Orden de la Libertad puts you exactly where it wants you for every minute of its run time. It boasts the most together-sounding performances the band has ever put to tape and is easily the best record I’ve heard so far this year.

I am ready to say that this may be Natas' best album ever. This is such a beautifully produced, mature, soaring, heartfelt album that even Delmar and Ciudad seem like they were leading to this gigantic beast - one that shows how Latin fuzz, unhurried songwriting, freedom from genres and an unabashed love for the core of rock can soar, even if I don't understand a word of what they are saying. I just can't find anything here I don't like. This is the album I want to fall asleep to at night, to play when I'm at work, that I want to drag my friends who don't like hard rock to and make them listen, to pull the extreme metalers over and say, "this is why rock needs heart and groove, not just riffs and fills", to hear live where Sergio, Walter and Gonzalo just fucking kill it.