Beiruth - Horizonte de Sucesos (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Beiruth - Horizonte de Sucesos (IMPORT) (CD)

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Origin: Spain
Released: 2008
Catalog number: AR 025 CD
The three-piece Bëiruth features Fooz alumni. Apparently the singer isn't amongst them, as this four track debut is entirely instrumental. It succeeds when the band sounds like they know where they want to go, but with three of the four tracks running close to 20 minutes each, there's plenty of time for them to figure out a direction. Fooz had a shameless love for all things Hawkwind, but Bëiruth is more interested in creating a lasting ambiance than it is a killer psych rock riff. And it's easy to get lost in the swirling haze they conjure up. Like musical compatriots 35007, Monkey3, and Pharaoh Overlord, there's a lot of texture to Bëiruth.

Horizonte De Sucesos is a fairly matured debut appearing on the progressive space rock scene - this time from Spain. Hailing from Alicante the BEIRUTH members already made some experiences playing in more conventional and stoner rock acts during the recent years. And it's obvious they are familiar with and inspired by diverse space and krautrock productions too - otherwise it might be rather impossible to produce such a fascinating album. Besides the standard instrumentation every member of the line-up is responsible for a bunch of synthesizer goodies. And this special blend of trippy spaced out rock music and lots of electronics is undoubtful near to bands like Ashra, Agitation Free, Tangerine Dream and Can. Thoughts about plagiarizm are not coming into my mind though - this sounds new, fresh, innovative. No solos are available, the songs are dominated by a cosmic flow with lots of interesting variations and a dark melancholic touch.