If He Dies He Dies - The Rise...The Fall (CD) Cover Art

If He Dies He Dies - The Rise...The Fall (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2008
Catalog number: fric-045
So if you took the angular, earthy percussive assault of Kylesa or Leviathan era Mastodon, threw in the stoner heft of High on Fire, the sorrowful dirges of Crowbar and a very slight hint of psychedelic doom like Rwake, Minsk or Samothrace then name the band after Ivan Drago’s famous line from Rocky IV, you get Michigan’s If He Dies He Dies and their very impressive third album, an album which will make me seek out the prior two releases. The Rise…The Fall is 10 tracks of earthy, riff driven metal that crosses a number of genres from stoner doom, prog rock, Southern tinged sludge, traditional doom and post rock.

It's a curious blend, indeed. The skin of melodic metal wrapped around the brute sinews of hardcore and shreds of extreme metal, tempered by doses of a mondo-hard super soldier of modern rock, thick and brawny minor prog inclinations and so-heavy-it's-heavy density a la stoner core (think Mastodon only not). Whew! And I still feel like I've only talked around what this is. Which is loud, crunchy, tough, rambunctious, surging and [insert synonym for heavy], all while showing some signs of artistry drug through the mud by galloping, pissed-off steeds.

You’re hit with a thick blend of thrash, progressive elements, crusty doom and even a little modern rock all wrapped up in a slick mastering from Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer). IHDHD hurl their entire gauntlet at your skull, laying down thick rhythms, varied guitars and a decent vocal performance. The guitar work ranges from crusty doom inspired riffing to slick, modern rock vibe smoothly. Vocalist Brent Eckhardt has some decent chops, varying in range from raw screams, deeper growls and some bluesy rock crooning.