Kylesa - Static Tensions (CD) Cover Art

Kylesa - Static Tensions (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2009
Catalog number: 6561910071-2
I remain steadfast: this is the best Kylesa record to date. Static Tensions picks up where Time Will Fuse Its Worth left off - two drummers weaving beats around each other, spurring on pummeling riffs. While the dual drumming usually results in a monolith of primal sound, it’s used on songs to create a polyrhythmic cacophony. The guitars are tuned bowel-loosening low, but the vintage amplifiers lend them a warm, soothing tone. There are a few proggier numbers vaguely reminiscent of the band’s fellow Savannah, Georgia dwellers Baroness, although a fair bit darker. Kylesa’s achievement: sludgy bottom end, psychedelic leads, heavy grooves, hardcore punk speed, and compelling vocals.

Static Tensions sees the avant sludge metallurgists concocting yet another highly individualized piece of post-metal, thicker, darker and seemingly more focused on songcraft than 2006’s Time Will Fuse Its Worth with heavy atmospherics built from aggressive riffs and savage performances. As ever, with Kylesa, it’s a tale of sonic conflict. We hear guitarist/vocalist/producer Phillip Cope versus guitarist/vocalist Laura Pleasants, Cope and Pleasants then teaming up to take on drummer Carl McGinley and drummer Eric Hernandez, McGinley, and Hernandez then turning on each other, the songs doing battle with themselves (and our eardrums) and the unavoidable maturation process and willful progression engaged mano a mano with the desire to bludgeon listeners over the head with heaviness. Whether this is the record that garners Kylesa the notoriety they seem to have been trying to beat down the wall of for so long, I don’t know, but it rocks.