Sons of Otis - Exiled (CD) Cover Art

Sons of Otis - Exiled (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2009
Catalog number: SS-088
The album is on par with their past work and, even better, it starts off like a house on fire. I'm used to the doom-slow riffs and the diabolical, echoplex soaked vocals, but I never expected Sons of Otis to sound quite so pissed off about it. From there, the band sort of drifts off into their own realm (or even further into it). Exiled serves as a solid reminder that there's still plenty of life left to Sons of Otis.

Heavy as holy hell in a box of hot lead. Seems since their last release they turned the tone low creating a muddy, bass bearing sound. This release is the type of thing that comes like the tooth fairy to an 80 year old man with dentures, catchword: cash in. Space out Monster Magnet meets the heaviest elements of Boris. This is the release that almost made me lose bladder control with excitement. It delivers a blow that would typically do that to me, and many other elderly chaps along the way.