Chrome - Third from the Sun (CD) Cover Art

Chrome - Third from the Sun (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2007
Catalog number: Noiseville #76
The classic Helios Creed/Damon Edge-led version of Chrome is one of the most hilariously cartoonish bands ever (and I mean that as a compliment): the most obvious and sensationalist aspects of Hawkwind, The Stooges, sixties psych-garage, punk rock and early industrial thrown in a blender to create a kind of pulp trashy, totally over the top pseudo-sci fi punk psychedelia. If Roger Corman had hired Kim Fowley to record a punk/industrial/acid rock-exploitation soundtrack for a Mad Max-rip off about a bunch of acid-fried, mutant fighting, post-apocalyptic motorcycle warriors, it would probably have sounded similiar to this.

The Edge/Creed/Stench line-up still holds sway on this release, which was in fact the original band's final proper album excluding a variety of compilations and collections of unreleased material. Given how good this line-up was, the fact that they never properly toured outside two dates -- one in San Francisco and the other, bizarrely, in Italy -- is all the more regrettable. Continuing the blend of straight-up rock crunch and crumbling weirdness that made the Chrome name, 3rd is both just accessible and just gone enough.