Cavity - Laid Insignificant (CD) Cover Art

Cavity - Laid Insignificant (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2008
Catalog number: HH666-148
Fans of Eyehategod, Iron Monkey and Floor will surely remember sludge masters Cavity. The Florida doom-dealers were known for their vile mix of Sleep influenced cemetery groove and Black Flag punk dissonance. From the eerie film sample that gets things started to the crashing drug-addled chords that closes the album, Cavity come off irritated, paranoid and utterly hopeless. For this brand of metal, all of these things end up adorning the music perfectly. Rene Barge’s anguished screeching cuts through the sheets of distortion like javelins. You can hardly ever make out what he’s actually screaming about but then again, that isn’t the point. His voice ends up becoming like a third guitar by the time the songs start seeping into your brain. The band’s use of feedback is masterful. The high-pitched squeals bob in and out of the riffs lending the album a punkish vibe. At the heart and soul of Cavity, there is deep admiration for Sabbath’s Vol. 4, which casts its monstrous spell over all of their material.

Cavity is another one of those criminally underrated bands that toiled for years in obscurity while a select few found that the group and their down tuned Sabbath-influenced mayhem was a great mix of punishing volumes, squealing feedback, and strong rhythms that was quite different from the norm at the time in punk and hardcore circles - which is where Cavity skirted during their career. Laid Insignificant is stylistically classic and wholly representative of the band's body of work; broken vocals cut through the din of down tuned guitars and a steady rhythm section which provides just enough groove to propel the track rather than allow the song to cave in on its deliberate pace.

If I were homeless, this would be my soundtrack because it just brings to mind squalid visuals and filthy conditions with a vocal performance providing a tone that simply rakes over your auditory nerve while the guitars buzz and the bass rumbles along their merry way. No matter who Rene Barge and Daniel Gorostiaga collaborated with over the course of Cavity's existence, there was always a consistent method and sound that touched everything that the band recorded; Laid Insignificant is further proof of the consistent song writing and biting sound that they always produce. No one will be able to feel cheated should they decide to delve into this record as their introduction to the group, and long time listeners will need to pick this up if they did not the first time it was available.