Nadja/Atavist - II Points at Infinity (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Nadja/Atavist - II Points at Infinity (CD)

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Origin: Canada
Released: 2008
Catalog number: PFL037
Atavist & Nadja's last collab was the most mindblowing thing ever; consisting mostly of some extremely relaxed (some may say comatose) ambient jams. Quite the patience tester but also pretty cool and with some relatively surprising results. This one's a fair bit different from that one, really. First track is a real slow, haunting tune with some very down tuned guitar and those man-choir vocals that everyone seems to be loving these days. It's a patience tester but very, very cool; imagine a kveldssanger tune slowed down by 800% or so and you wouldn't be too far away. A real nice mellow tune that moves along at a beautifully glacial pace.

Second track is all about getting raped by massive riffs and it's impressively heavy; all tar black sludge riffs and screamed vocals. Well, that's what the first third is about. Then they go back to the drone. The first track is terrific and while the second track could perhaps be better divided into two songs it's still pretty cool. Nadja fans will want this.

The first track glides on surprisingly naked chords, with Thom Yorke-esque crooning way in the back. But the second is the money shot. It drops the boom pretty much straight off, plodding through big, melodic chords that darken into a churning undertow and shards of feedback. Then it pulls back, the smoke lifting to reveal scorched earth. It's a dynamic journey that finds the bands willing to bloody their hands; their previous collaboration had a whiff of not wanting to step on toes. It's interesting to hear band collaborations so different from their individual discographies. This pairing feels exposed and accommodating; by themselves, the bands are often overpowering.