Morkobot - Morto (with Bonus CD) (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art

Morkobot - Morto (LP) (CD)

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Origin: Italy
Released: 2008
Catalog number: 006-1/2
Lin, Lan and Len have been at the mushrooms again. This is a sonically stout and viciously noxious offering from the experimental Italian three piece that throbs and buzzes like a huge malevolent alien brain trapped in a fluid filled tank. 'Morto' is one forty minute concept track created by two bassists and one drummer, and split into three hefty parts. Part one takes off suddenly in a shower of molten metal then slows to a rumble. The rumble builds gradually like an electrical storm fizzing and humming, at times gaps appear where the staccato angularity of the bass and drums are exposed like ribs on a rotting carcass. Part one ends in eerie near-quiet, evocative of some dead landscape on a far flung world.

Part two thrusts in like an interstellar dreadnought, all fat and gnarled bass lines and drums smacked hard and crisp. Furious cosmic sludge funk ensues; the interplay between the gurgling basses and the frenetic polyrhythmic drums sounds like the mighty Meshuggah in a dark spaced out mood. The final part of 'Morto' is part math rock, part giant irritated wheezing cyber-locust. Bizarre techno-convulsive noises like the dying throes of a moon sized super computer screech out of the speakers. The album doesn't rise to a final climax but instead breaks down to a sustained and shimmering wash of unsettling extraterrestrial electronica.

As testament to their skill and vision, Morkobot could easily lapse into post rock experimental cliché but never do, instead they navigate the listener through a nightmare future of insane technology and cold technocratic dystopia, running through a bewildering and combustive stew of instrumental styles like some mad cybernetic Frankenstein made from bits of Miles Davis, Lemmy and Stephen Hawking. Hold that concept.