Mogul - Build Me a Hunchback (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Mogul - Build Me a Hunchback (CD)

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Origin: Belgium
Released: 2008
Catalog number: BUZZCD029
Unida, Hermano, Monster Magnet and Kyuss fans, please pay attention to the following! From Belgium hails this new sensational stoner rock band Mogul! Good old fashioned stoner rock with the cosmic approach to songs and melodies. I cannot discover one flaw on this record.

Build Me A Hunchback is just another plain ol' good rock album!! Just like Kyuss and Monster Magnet used to make 'em. So what else is there to say, besides comparing? The guitars fuzz the shit out of ya, the vocals are great (a friend of mine heard it, and thought it was a new Hermano album), the drums are what they should be and more and the bassplayer knows his stuff and adds some nice extra tones to the album! Personal favourite, being a stoner, is the last song on the album. Josh Homme himself could have written it. I love this stuff!!